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Does having vascular lesions make you feel less confident in your appearance? Fortunately, we can now use laser treatments to address your vein disorders and restore your smooth, healthy-looking skin. Here at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC, we use the Fotona laser system to perform superior vein treatments and get rid of your spider veins and other vascular lesions once and for all.

Fotona Laser Treatment for Vascular Lesions

Fotona’s laser system uses the power of heat to eliminate your problematic veins. During your vein treatment session, nd:YAG lasers penetrate your skin and target oxyhemoglobin, the dominant protein in red blood cells. When your visible veins and vascular lesions absorb the laser energy, they are eventually destroyed because of the heat. Your body naturally eliminates the dead tissues and restores the appearance of healthy, smooth skin.

Because the Fotona laser targets the entire vascular feeding system, you can expect long-lasting, superior results. A single treatment session can take less than an hour, and small lesions can be eliminated in just one laser session. With our non-invasive treatment for problematic veins, you can expect a safe, precise, and comfortable treatment experience.

What Are Problematic Veins?

Do you have red or purplish blood vessels that appear through the skin? If so, you must have vascular lesions. If you are concerned about the appearance of vascular lesions, you can consider laser treatment to restore the smooth appearance of your skin.

Some of the vein disorders that we can treat using the Fotona laser system include spider veins, port wine stains, hemangioma, and more. These vascular lesions can occur on almost any body part, but it’s more common to see them on the face or legs.


What Are the Benefits of Non-Invasive Laser Vein Treatment?


Precision and Efficiency

Fotona’s nd:YAG laser is known for its high performance and precision when it comes to targeting oxyhemoglobin. Because the treatment is highly efficient, you can expect high success rates and fewer treatments.

Immediately after your laser treatment, you may notice a visible improvement in the appearance of your skin. And as the treated area gradually heals over the next few weeks, you’ll continue to see improvements. With just a few sessions, your problematic veins can become invisible and may completely disappear within a year.

Safety and Effectiveness

Are you considering laser treatment because you do not wish to undergo surgery? Non-invasive vein treatment can be perfect for you. The laser energy used in the treatment produces high-intensity heat that selectively targets unwanted veins without damaging the skin. Therefore, you can expect a completely safe and effective treatment with virtually no side effects.

Because our laser leaves the surrounding tissue undamaged, you don’t need to worry about scarring, incisions, and inflammation. You can achieve ideal results without long healing times.

Convenience and Comfort

Vein treatments usually take less than an hour to perform. And when it comes to comfort, laser vein treatments using the Fotona laser system are generally well-tolerated, even without using numbing agents or local anesthesia.

For the best results, you may need to undergo several treatments. Our experts can schedule your treatments according to your needs and preferences.


What To Expect When Getting the Treatment



Are you interested in laser vein treatment? Scheduling a consultation with our team will be your first step. We will conduct a health assessment first to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment. During your physical exam, we will look closely at your spider veins or vascular lesions to assess your condition. We may also ask about your medical history. After a careful review, we can design a personalized treatment plan to provide you with the best results.

Before your treatment, we may advise you to stop taking certain medications and make lifestyle adjustments to ensure the safety and success of your treatment.


Our Fotona laser system can destroy problematic veins without damaging your skin. During the treatment, laser energy deeply penetrates the skin, heats the veins, and eventually destroys them. There’s no scarring or skin damage involved.

After the treatment, your body naturally eliminates and clears away the damaged tissues. You can expect the treated veins to be reabsorbed in the body and disappear within four to six weeks. The final results of the treatment will leave you with a more even complexion and healthy, youthful skin. If you have recurring spider veins, we may schedule additional treatment sessions over time.

Is Non-Invasive Laser Vein Treatment Right for You?

Are you concerned about the appearance of visible veins? Laser treatment can restore your self-esteem and help you feel confident in your skin. The ideal candidates for a non-invasive laser vein treatment are those who do not wish to undergo invasive procedures.

If you have vascular lesions and veins that are not too small, twisted, and are very near to the skin’s surface, then you may consider laser treatment. During your initial consultation with our team, we can determine if non-invasive laser treatment is ideal for you.

Talk to Our Wellness and Aesthetic Experts

For many individuals, spider veins and vascular lesions can cause poor self-confidence and low self-esteem. But thanks to advancements in technology, there’s no need to endure the sight of these vein disorders. Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, NC is here to provide you with superior laser treatments that will maintain your health and beauty. Our experts will carefully listen to your concerns and suggest the best treatment plan that will provide the best outcomes.