How Does Fotona Laser Treatment Work?

Aug 01, 2022

How Does Fotona Laser Treatment Work?

There’s a reason doctors love Fotona — they create some of the most high-tech, leading-edge laser systems in the industry. And, not only can they treat numerous medical conditions, but they provide aesthetic solutions too. Keep reading to learn how.

Are you considering laser therapy but not sure what to expect? 

Fontana has been making laser systems since 1964. Today, they’re known worldwide for the exceptional design, support, and manufacture of their high-tech laser systems. That means you know you’re getting the safest and most reliable results, no matter which Fotona laser treatment you get. But the best part? All Fontana treatments are quick, convenient, and comfortable.

Our team at Generations Family Practice Wellness Center in Cary, North Carolina uses the cutting-edge Fotona laser system for everything from health problems to cosmetic concerns. We also serve as a regional training hub for this innovative laser system in the Southeast. 

If you’re considering Fotona laser treatment, here’s what you can expect.

What sets Fotona laser systems apart

Generally speaking, laser treatments work by delivering precise and targeted amounts of energy — or wavelengths of light — to provide a therapeutic response. In many cases, this works in two specific ways. Either the light stimulates tissue on a cellular level to restore health and vitality, or it destroys it to eliminate a specific problem. 

At Generations Family Practice Wellness Center, we use the Fotona SP Dynamis laser system because of its high performance with aesthetic, surgical, and medical applications. This versatility is thanks to its multipurpose platform and gold standard technology. It also means we can tailor your treatment based on your specific needs, whether you need treatment on the surface of your skin or deep within the tissue. 

As a result, we can use the Fotona laser system for: 

And, while your specific Fotona procedure may vary depending on your concern, you can rest easy knowing that your appointment is safe, quick, and comfortable.

What to expect during Fotona laser treatment

When you have Fotona laser treatment, we set up the SP Dynamis platform based on your condition. This ensures you receive the exact amount of energy required. Then, we choose the appropriate applicator to deliver the laser energy to your treatment site. 

Finally, you lie back and relax while your treatment gets underway. Fotona sessions vary in length depending on the size of the area and type of procedure. For example, a Fotona4D® session to refresh and tighten the face typically takes 30-45 minutes. Body contouring appointments often last 45-60 minutes.

In most cases, you can expect your laser treatment to come with little discomfort or downtime, and they don’t require pain relievers or needles. Instead, you relax during your procedure and resume regular activity afterward. However, we provide personalized instructions based on the purpose of your visit.

Since many Fotona laser treatments work on a cellular level, you often see immediate results that continue to improve over 2-3 months. Depending on your concern, we may recommend a series of Fotona sessions to provide the best results.

Ready to see how Fotona treatments could work for you? Contact Generations Family Practice Wellness Center to schedule a consultation by calling 983-538-9532 or request a visit online today.